Welcome to CharityEZ

CharityEZ is the perfect solution for non-profit organizations looking to streamline their volunteer and donor management with an incredible nationwide search screen for potential donors and other charities. CharityEZ helps you stay organized and focused on your mission.

Thanks to the generous support of the CharityEZ Foundation, we're able to offer CharityEZ to every registered 501c(3) charity for FREE for the basic version! This includes a Documents module, Donations Module, Donors Module, Charity Needs module (connected to www.youcangiveback.com - Nationwide public charity search), Staff module, Volunteers module and the 990 Search module with over 21 millions records available to search.

We've also partnered with ClearChecks to provide seamless background checks for all volunteers. And with our easy-to-use kiosk system, scheduling and managing events has never been simpler.

CharityEZ Charity Search Module

Choose from many search options to produce a list of charities and foundations in the US.