Welcome to CharityEZ

CharityEZ is a non-profit with a mission to inspire and empower other non-profits to make a positive difference in the world. We provide knowledge and a powerful software system to help charities and foundations succeed. Our software offers access to a comprehensive database of over 1.7 million foundations and charities in the United States.

In partnership with ClearChecks, a nationwide background check company, we offer significantly reduced prices on staff and volunteer background checks. Additionally, CharityEZ is proud to continue the tradition of Marquette University’s Raynor Memorial Library by providing a robust foundation search tool for both foundations and charities on a national scale.

Through our collaboration with Marquette University, our goal is to enable each charity to allocate more of their resources toward their mission of making a difference.

CharityEZ Powerful Features and Modules

CharityEZ Powerful Online Search

The CharityEZ online search provides access to a wealth of timely, comprehensive information on grantmakers and charities across the nation. This search module includes:

  • The entire up-to-date US Government IRS records as they are released since 2017 of over 1.7 Million records of charities and grantmaking programs in the U.S, offering a quick pathway to outside funders.
  • Over 8.2 million recently awarded grants.
  • Over 1.6 million mission statements to search against to find the best charities or foundations in line with your passions.
  • Over 2.4 Million 990s to read what was exactly submitted from every charity yearly of giving programs, and grantmaking public charities in the U.S.
  • A database of over 6.4 Million contractors reported. Do you know who the big charities and founations use to run their business? Do you want to know? We have it.
  • Fundraising Specialists database of over 187,000! Do you want to know who the large charities use to fundraise? IT IS ALL HERE!
  • A keyword-searchable database of board members, foundations, grants given, contractors, and fundraising companies.
  • Ability to drill down by state and county.
  • Cross reference links throughout the program to show you exactly where the data came from and matching data from other charities and foundations. You can see where the money goes incoming and outgoing.
  • Charts and graphs on every tab of the charity or foundations detailed information.

Volunteer Module

Our comprehensive charity software program includes a dedicated Volunteer Module, designed to simplify and streamline volunteer management. We are committed to providing invaluable resources to support your organization's mission.

As part of our commitment, we have partnered with www.clearchecks.com to offer an exclusive deal. Now, you can perform thorough background checks for your volunteers, starting at just $5.00. This partnership enables nationwide searches, ensuring that you have access to the most reliable and secure screening services available.

With our Volunteer Module and this affordable background check solution, you can confidently onboard volunteers and enhance the trust and safety within your charitable organization.

YouCanGiveBack.com Needs Module

Our software includes a powerful YouCanGiveBack.com Needs Module, enabling charities to list their diverse needs, whether they require monetary support, volunteers, supplies, equipment, vehicles, or any other resources. Charitable organizations can seamlessly enter their needs into our system, ensuring transparency and accessibility.

But it doesn't stop there. We have created a public platform at www.youcangiveback.com, where the general public can easily discover local non-profit organizations and their specific needs. This website provides a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to give back to their communities by contributing the resources that charities require to fulfill their missions.

With our YouCanGiveBack.com Needs Module and the associated public website, we foster collaboration between charities and their supporters, making it effortless for everyone to make a meaningful impact.